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The Challenge | Social Media Campaign:

India is a developing country. While there have been innovations in science and technology, there is poor infant mortality rate in rural areas. The medical and health industry has definitely achieved major milestones. But on the other hand, the number of medically deprived individuals in our country is appalling, to say the least.

Apollo Hospitals Group & Network 18 joined hands to initiate a path-breaking idea of Healers of India. The companies conceived Healers of India to identify and honour the unsung heroes. Heroes who are working tirelessly to ensure better healthcare in our country.

The challenge was to bring these people in the spotlight and honour them with selfless services awards.

Strategy & Approach:

We realised that they were trying their level best to contribute to the society but they were absolutely unrecognised by the society. The only way we could change that was through the public.

So we ideated a campaign to reach out to the friends and families of these heroes. We tagged them on social media and reached out to them. The goal was to bridge the gap and to inspire the youth to make a change.


We were able to identify 200 doctors and nurses who were relentless in their pursuit of improving the rural health care of our country. We are proud to share that Healers of India recognized 70 doctors and nurses for their selfless services and won many accolades for the same.

It was a win-win situation for all as we were able to achieve our goal and working with them enabled us to collect user-generated content and serve a greater cause.


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