Digital marketing campaigns to increase footfalls for a social event

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Odeon Social – prelaunch, launch & post-launch
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What every good event needs is a buzz and hype. Due to our clever marketing and hype creation, the social event witnessed a large audience. This made the event a huge success for the audience as well as the artists.
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Our Approach:


Before the opening of the outlet, we did a warm-up session where we uploaded creatives highlighting old school elements that create nostalgia – FLAMES, Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi (popular games played during school) with the hashtag #comingsoon – to raise curiosity.


To create buzz around the opening we ran a contest to give away 5 invites to the launch party. We asked the interested to upload a picture that takes them back to their nostalgic memories using the hashtag #OdeonSocial across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We traced all the entries through the hashtag #odeonsocial and communicated the theme of a #backtoschool party.


Following the opening, posts were made to highlight various activities:-


  • 3 Rs. Beer – The idea was to communicate the 3rs/beer offer in a direct manner using the signature social brackets. The posts made for the same were simple yet effective and saw over 468 likes and 220 comments on Instagram.
  • #BudiyaKeBaal – Posts were made to communicate the candy floss activity. To add an interesting spin, Social asked people to get their backpacks on and search for the #OdeonSocial Candyfloss man at CP. We gave free cotton candy #बुिढ़या के बाल to those with their backpacks on.
  • Auto Pick up – A picture of social branded autos was put up and we asked people to hop into one of these to get a free ride to #OdeonSocial. The post received 500+ likes on Instagram.
  • We made Cheque-in to Get-in – creative posts in order to urge people not to throw away their #HauzKhas #DefCol Social bills. Preserving them would get you a free beer in the Odeon. We used the following creative to communicate the same.


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Our strong digital marketing techniques ensure that your event receives maximum promotion and enough curiosity is generated for your event.
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Our team of digital marketers ensures that your event reaches the targeted audience. By reaching the right audience, your event will become more successful.
Digital marketing campaigns to increase footfalls for a social event
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