Strategy / Consulting


Strategy / Consulting

  • It’s when you come to us and we talk to you about your brand. A brand can never run on its own, it needs a way, a defined way to run and sustain in this competitive world! So, what we do is, we see your brand, research competitors, see the market conditions and lay a planned strategy. We hold your brand till the time it learns how to fly and then we teach them to fly higher with even better tactics and strategies for long term retention in the market. Above all, the brand strategies that we create are directly connected to consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments.

  • Now that you have a brand that offers a product, you can just not put a stall anywhere and sell it without any guidance or research! It has to be planned, fed with tactics and bred in strategies so that the product has its roadmap to follow to the destination of success. First of all, it has to be market-driven and customer-friendly. Second of all, it has to be an end-to-end vision of the journey of the product. That’s how we set the bigger picture context in terms of what the product will become or can become in the coming days.

  • A brand and product strategy is incomplete without a growth strategy. The plans and strategy make your product or brand (in all) grow but how does it grow on the growing graph? Have you ever wondered that there has to be a growth strategy laid so that we know what is going where. So, growth strategy wins the lion’s share of the market through short term earnings. There are 4 growth strategies: Diversification, Product development, Market penetration, and Market development.

  • Strategies are all in place. Now, where are the strategies going to go? Consumers or the end-users. Here we map our target audience through our AI tools to know the interaction of the consumer with our product and the product of the competitor. That’s how we come to know how our target audience is set geographically, demographically, psychologically and behaviourally. If we know the pulse of our target audience, we know what our product is and how it would please them. We do user-study this way.

  • Sitting in the market and being a digital agency, we know each product in the field of clothing, electronics, medical care, beauty care, etc. have a lot of competitors. All of them have their niche to practice and sell the same product with a different style to their audience. Phew! Seems like a task to bring a brand in the market and sustain it with a different strategy. But, once we have all the competitors on our list and the way they are working, we would know how to deal with each obstacle that comes in the way of our brand. That’s where we bring in competitive audits. Know the market, know the area and your competitors to have a fair and square idea of where you are placing the product and for who all to compete.

  • The graphs of the competitors are in our hands, so, what do we need more? We need to follow the trend, the talk of the town! That’s where we will be able to relate with our target audience because they live in this dynamic world and they experience these changes on a day-to-day experience. So, can you give us a better way to connect with them? We believe that this is the best way possible. We spot the trend and consult you based on that along the lines of our brand.

  • Users are a vital part of product development. Once we know the user, we would know what to offer them and how to offer them. That’s where we bring Persona Development in our dictionaries. Way before the strategies and brand development, when we just thought of the brand and the product, we study the users and create their personality. Persona is a fictional development of the user and we apply it in the early stages of product development. Persona Development helps in driving the designs and bringing the consumer needs to the forefront. That’s what we have been trying to find out, haven’t we?

  • Not only individual ownerships are required to have a market identity through brand consultation by social media agencies, but also we are all ears to different business enterprises, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. Brand consultation is what we do for your brand, business, merger, acquisition or partnership. We are into creating a business plan, defining the company structure properly, anticipating potential risks and opportunities as well as making profitable partnerships with us is what we aim at when/ business a brand works with us.