How do you build awareness, grow a business and increase sales at the same time if you are a company online? Well, it’s simple it can be done one click at a time. PPC marketing is probably a part and parcel for your brand if you want to grow digitally.

To get the most out of your google digital marketing or Facebook marketing creating compelling ad sets with a combination of the right keywords and message targeted to the relevant audience is a must. Well, this is our domain and we don’t just do this; we combine the keywords, message and audience sets along with data-backed results for each part and create the best performance marketing campaigns. 

We have used Natural Language Processing, Computer vision techniques and even Machine Learning to successfully analyze ads which have in turn helped us decrease our ROAS and CAC.

The harmony of technology, data and online marketing we have has made us confident in our PPC marketing outlook. As a data-driven digital marketing agency we look at outcomes and not outputs for the Online marketing campaigns we run to ensure that the focus never shifts from being result-driven which is exactly the core of performance marketing.


Some questions about Performance Marketing (FAQs)

Q. What is the meaning of performance marketing? 

Performance marketing is the act of using paid tools to engage your audience to fulfill a specific action such as conversions, generating leads, or clicking to redirect the user to your website with the intent to discover or consume information. 

Q. How does performance marketing work?

Performance marketing begins with selecting the right target audience, composing a unique offering that would engage their interest, presenting the information in a creative way in a selected format on the platform where the audience spends the maximum amount of time and fulfilling the designed call to action through engagement. It can provide us with measurable insights into the brand offerings that are getting better response, the messages that the user prefers, the user journey and drop out rate that can tell us about the user’s experience, their journey on the website and of course demographic information of the audience. 

Q. How do you measure marketing performance? 

It honestly depends on what the objective of your campaign is. As an agency, we treat each objective with a different approach in order to frame the message in the most precise manner that can be targeted to relevant people. This can vary from industry to industry, based on B2B or B2C business and even platforms selected. Typically some of the key metrics used for social media are Conversation rate, customer acquisition cost, reach, impressions and so on. 

Q. What is performance marketing vs. brand marketing?

Simply said, brand marketing is done to create and maintain brand perception. It’s done with the intent to convey a message and engage with the relevant audience. Brand marketing may or may not be sponsored on digital mediums.

Performance marketing, on the other hand, is done with the intent of capturing the right audience at the right time with the right message and get them to complete the purpose which may be sales, leads, engagement etc. Performance marketing is always paid for, and can be optimized even further by using our machine learning tools that work better than human to drive down customer acquisition costs.

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