Packaging design is not just about making the right combination of aesthetics, colors, and graphics. It isn’t about making your product pop with bold colors it’s much more. The design must trigger many things simultaneously – the curiosity to pick up the product in the consumer’s mind, a story about the brand, and the ability to close a sale without a word. If your packaging design can achieve this you will know it has been done right.

Before your products, your packaging is going to be the hero. The emotional connection and the distribution of information are in the hands of the packaging. We at Webeasts are a dedicated packaging design company situated in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. We have successfully created packaging design for industry verticals including the fashion space, Food and Beverages and many more. Be it a new product or giving an old product a new spin we design to communicate using creativity, ingenuity, and functionality.


Some questions about Packaging Design (FAQs)

Q. Can I do packaging design online? 

The recommended way of doing packaging design is to take the opportunity to create something unique and never seen before. Your products packaging is the most valuable differentiating factor that can intrigue, interest and engage the user and encourage them to try the product while providing necessary product details, instructions, components and convey government compliances and certifications. 

Q. Should I use packaging design templates?

Packaging design is something that must be done in conjunction with the manufacturer and budget of the brand with the focus of scalability and ease of production. Temples are generally not recommended as they may not comply with every manufactures standards. A customized packaging design solution ensures that the unique identity of your business is preserved and proves to be easily recognizable in a sea of alternatives. 

Q. What are the various kinds of packaging design? 

There are three types of packaging design- primary, secondary and tertiary.
Primary: This is the layer that is closest to your product. It is designed with the intent to protect the product from external forces. This may be followed with several other layers, or in some cases, this can be the main source of attraction and information for your consumer.

Secondary Packaging: Secondary packaging is designed to protect bundles of primary packaging. This is mainly used during the transportation and shipment of products. It provides a source for branding during the shipment of the products. Primary and secondary packaging sometimes may overlap.

Tertiary Packaging: This type of packaging is typically not seen by consumers. It’s used to transport good from factories and warehouses with the intent to protect and transport mass quantities of product. This may include corrugated boxes, bubble wrap etc.