Channelising the legacy | Redefine Brand Identity

WeBeasts Rebranding Approach

The Challenge | Branding:

India Today Conclave is the cornerstone of political and cultural discussion in India. Throughout its existence, IT Conclave has brought together bright and forward-looking minds. Above all people from all over the world to address and envision the way to the future.

The challenge was to redefine the identity of the brand and bring about cohesion in its personality. Furthermore to align the language with the vision of the summit.

Strategy & Approach:

For over a decade, the summit has successfully inspired young, budding minds with renowned speakers from across the globe. While our goal was to step ahead of the definition of a summit and come across as a more universal concept which has a purpose beyond discussions. Our approach was that of a storytelling journey. An approach that helps the audience identify themselves with the various personalities attending the event.

Running along the lines of the congregation, which was to CONNECT, CONVERSE, CAPTIVATE & CONCLAVE, we settled with a metaphor, that of a diamond. Every piece distinct and unique in itself. Therefore, representing the same attributes as COLOUR, CUT, CARAT, & CLARITY, extends the denotation to quality.

Besides that, each speaker was set apart in our vision with a defining quality for their uniqueness, similar to a diamond, the epitome of individuality.


Adapting the original robust and bold logo of the IT Conclave and its colour tonality, we were able to create a series of creative representations of the luminaries in attendance. Finally, the representations were in the form of social media creatives, motion graphics and various offline renditions.