YouTube Caption SEO basics from a Digital Marketing Agency

YouTube has over 2 Billion users, so as a digital marketing agency we recommend you do not skip it from your agenda when you decide to go digital.

It is safe to say that YouTube is the actual birthplace of all things video on the internet. When YouTube was created no one could have thought that a publicly contributed video website would make it this large.

While you are letting that sink in every day on YouTube 1 BILLION hours of videos are watched all over the world. And every minute more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to video distribution channel.

To market yourself on YouTube everything is important. How you shoot the video. The video dimensions, Mic clarity, Video clarity, Background setting. It is an extremely long and meticulous process. And one blog is too short if you want to understand how to leverage YouTube to your advantage in a digital marketing scenario.

Let’s start with something Simple such as The YouTube Caption and its SEO.

YouTube SEO involves optimizing your channel, playlists, metadata, description, and the videos themselves. You can optimize your videos for search both within and outside of YouTube.

A key component to YouTube SEO is harnessing the power of your video’s text in the form of transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles.
A YouTube caption is extremely critical If you want your video to have visibility and do well. Here are a few steps to follow to get this step right.

1. Search for the Keywords for your Title, Tag and Description

The best place to search for keywords for your video is the YouTube search bar itself. Use the autocomplete feature to your advantage. It’s free and only puts popular keywords forward. Basically, YouTube points out for you the terms people use most to find videos. From the standpoint of YouTube SEO, your videos should be optimized around these suggested keywords.
You can also use some free tools online like But we recommend harnessing the YouTube search box because it gives you exactly what people are searching for on YouTube.

Remember to look for long-tail keywords too since they work best on YouTube.

Note – Do not add unrelated keywords in to your list. YouTube marks your SEO basis on your keywords and will give you a lesser SEO ranking in such cases.

Important Note – YouTube SEO is plural and non-plural sensitive so when your write – “tutorial” like this then it’s a different keyword than when you write “tutorials”.

2. Write a Keyword-Optimized Title, Description, and Tags

Keywords and keyword phrases should correspond with a) whatever describes your video accurately, and b) the words and phrases that users enter in search engines to find content like yours.

For example, if you publish videos about Painting Tutorials, make sure you optimize the title, descriptions, and tags for the phrase “painting tutorials.”
Keep in mind: search engines have upped their game too. So, avoid keyword-stuffing (practice of over-using keywords and variations of keywords to try to hack the system) or you will actually end up hurting your YouTube SEO instead of helping it.
You are writing your caption for a human being to read. If you keep optimizing yourself for robots you will end up getting no humans to your channel.
Tip 1 – When creating the title of your video always break it into pieces.
For e.g.
How to blend Poster colours | Blending Techniques for Beginners | Painting Tutorial
Tip 2 – Always Add your own channel name in Tags. Your Tags should be around 300 to 400 words. An ideal distribution of tags would be 2-3 short tail keywords and 4-5 long-tail keywords. You can find these keywords from the YouTube search bar. Do not spam in your tags as it drops the SEO quality of your video.

3. Description –

The common breakup of a description should be like this
a. Give an intro about your channel.
b. Introduction about the video
c. From the keyword research, you have done make a story with the keywords in your introduction about the video to optimize it well.
d. Give links to other videos on your channel. – This needs to be relevant to your channel
e. Give a 2 liner introduction of your channel again
f. List your social media handles and their links
g. Add your email to if you have one for people to contact you

You may feel like the description is becoming a long paragraph but it’s an important part of getting your SEO right.
As an established digital marketing agency we can tell you that the more information you give about your video in the description area the better.

4. File name-

A lot of people miss out on this important note. When you upload your video file on YouTube a good practice is to rename it as the title you will be putting on the Video.
YouTube even reads the filename of your video for ranking the SEO of your video.

5. Consistency –

Ensure that throughout this SEO exercise you maintain consistency and relevance in your title, description, and Tags. YouTube ranks you higher when you follow this practice.
So as a digital marketing agency, we recommend these few basic practices that need to be followed in your YouTube caption SEO.