• Content elevates the user experience, for sure! But the way it is presented matters a lot viz. if a thing is written won’t find much of an impact on the user as much as a creative or a visual would. That’s where we call in our Visual Designers (UI/ UX or Graphic Designer) to visualize the brand’s thought to an unexpected level for the users. So, it solves the problem of communication through typography, photography, illustration, space, colours, and layouts on the usability of products and their aesthetic appeal.

  • Above, we mentioned the suitable communications that are presented visually. Now, we need to analyze how well is the communication planned and strategized? Is it interactive? Does attract users? Or does it need some revisions? So, we address all the questions before it goes out on any of the public interactive platforms. And, that’s where the concept of interactive design falls in. The creative team focuses on creating an engaging web interface with logical thought out behaviours and actions. A successful design from our social media agency always uses good technology and the correct principles of good communication to create a desired user experience!

  • Product designing by our social media agency focuses on the approach of improving the quality of life of the end-user and his/her interaction with the environment. For us, it is about identifying the problem, visualizing the needs of the user and bringing a solution. Such designers in our team, work with the creative and the marketing team to know the usability of the product. And, all of this starts with a problem that the user faces and ends with a solution that we design to solve it.

  • Here we define our process of designing the manufactured products. This is where we say that it’s a problem-solving process to innovate, build a successful business and develop a better quality of life through product, service and experience innovation. Once we analyse what is it and what’s possible to design, we would know the optimistic way of looking at the problem in terms of designing the product. So, we craft and create new product ideas or re-design the existing products.

  • We create an effective plan for seamless usage of a product that has been designed by our design team. Majorly, this involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product including the aspects of branding, design, usability, and function. We create such designs to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experience to the users.

  • We want our consumers to experience the best of ways in which their brand’s story is narrated. So, we leave no stone unturned and do everything that we can in our vicinity to make your brand, a success story. We strategize, analyze and plan in the best way possible so that the layout or the blueprint of the website/ application is exactly what you want your end-users to enjoy! In other words, we design a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website/ application. The concept of wireframing comes into the picture we arrange the elements to establish a particular purpose. Every digital presence that we design for your brand is our possession also and we take care of this.

  • Once the wireframing is done, we, as a social media agency, test the blueprint that has been created keeping in mind the strategy. We don’t air it without properly testing it. So, we create an experimental model of a proposed blueprint or layout to test or validate ideas, design assumptions and other aspects of its conceptualization quickly and cheaply. The main aim behind it is to for the designer to make the appropriate refinements or improve it as per the experience or the feedback. So, these can be rough paper prototypes of digital interface. That’s what we ensure, we dry run everything so that the end-customer tastes the final by-product.

  • We know that we have to make this and like an ABC reference but when we know how to make it, we call it design research! We combine a framework of methods and techniques in a reasonably logical way to find out a solution to the problem that a user faces. Before we set up the wireframe and the prototype, we do ample of design research for our clients so that everything is on its path of automation after research.