• Here we start, the naming ceremony of the brand. We cannot keep calling it just a ‘Brand. We need to have a name to differentiate it, call it in front of the audience. The very first step towards a 5-Step branding process is naming the brand. It should be unique and one-of-a-kind so that it’s easy to get a Pvt. Ltd. for the same.

  • A brand is synonymous to a baby. It either is established or needs to be taken off from your minds. Once we have the branding, brand equity, brand mission and brand building in our mind; we can surely crack the ‘Brand Identity’. This is how we make your brand a digital-first one! A Brand Identity will develop the position of your company the way you would like to set it up in the audience’s minds, lives, and hearts. And, we will lend you a hand in coming up with some important competitive differences and built so that you know what your customers want and need.

  • When we have the brand’s identity design with us, we will have in mind where to position or place it in the lives of the people. Let’s say, if it’s a toothpaste brand then it has to occupy the first 10 mins of your audience’s time after they wake up and above all, it has to come to their mind (being a new product) so that they can make it a part of their lives. That’s where positioning the brand comes into the picture. As a social media agency, we know where, how and why to position a brand and for whom.

  • Now that we know where to position the brand. It can become a success story only when we develop a message of the brand to reach out to people. If people know that there’s a car, it won’t make a difference, until it says “The best for nothing” and we know that it is Mercedes Benz. This is where we need to differentiate our brand from the others by giving it a message which will be shared with the world.

  • Now, the brand has an identity, a position in the minds of the people and a message to convey to them. Right? This makes us wonder what tone and voice is the brand going to take for talking to its audience. It may be a tough question to ask but can be defined very easily from the type, class, and way of the brand to stand in the market. It can be funny, childish, young, wise, old, nasty and whatever you can think of to suit your brand. And, the best part is, we will be there with you for helping you through and through for the best outcomes.

  • Brand guidelines, brand book or brand’s standards are a set of rules which defines the work culture of a particular brand. Don’t worry, we will help you define your brand’s keywords, history, vision, and personality just as we drive towards the completion of the process.

  • The bucket is full of the name, identity design, brand position, brand message, brand’s tone & voice and brand guidelines. What to do with this now? We need to develop the required and relevant content so that people out there can relate to our brand. And, content can make or break a brand. A social media agency, like us, can know what content suits the brand and would appeal to the audience of interest. Content can be in different formats like paragraphs, creative copies, social media posts, website content, videos, text messaging, emailers, WhatsApp friendly texts, etc.