Webeasts is a full-service UI / UX design and digital marketing agency. We are a team that builds your product ideas and brings them to life. Our design agency is not driven by assumptions but by a thoughtful design process. This backed by data on user journeys and what creates the best user experience for your industry or product offering.

We deliver outcomes and not outputs when it comes to UI / UX design. We draw insights from the most successful web and mobile products to create an intuitive, responsive, guiding and attractive design that keeps the users happy.

Our golden rule for any great UX is simplicity. The more options you give the more problems you will have. WE make user journeys so seamless that you will navigate from A to B without even thinking about it.

We take the most complex of design as a challenge, embrace them and provide you with your UI/UX design in such a simple manner that is nothing but a stroke of genius.


Some questions about UI / UX Design (FAQs)

Q. How is user interface design different than website design? 

User interface design is the usage of software put together seamlessly on an easy to navigate design for maximizing usability to the user. Website design is the design that is displayed on the screen. One must choose compatible software to have maximum impact. A good example of this would be the e-commerce partners that you choose. Like Razorpay, Paytm, Instamojo, etc.

Q. What is the user interface design process?

The focus of the user interface is the design of the look. This uses several best practices and tools that map the ease of use, navigation, natural learning process and level of adaptability for the end-user. Traditionally used in the context of graphic design with the growth of ai, the definition now even extends to voice commands. 

Q. What is user interface development?

The functional application of putting the design to use is the process of developing a user interface. It plays a key role in the natural learning process of the flow of the design. For example, when you use Instagram, your instinct dictates to swipe downwards. When you use tinder, your instinct dictates to swipe sideways. The action of how the user interacts with the interface is dependent upon the development of the said website or application.