Social media marketing is the way you reach your audience and have a two-way conversation with them. If you create the right strategy right it can help retain customers by consistently creating relatable and valuable content.

Our team of copywriters and graphic designers are the best at curating content. They have helped to give brands a distinct and relatable voice.

We know how social media marketing works and what works in it. Increasing likes, getting engagement from the target audience, handling online response management, ad set creatives, acing your Facebook and Instagram content game we have you covered.

We use AI and machine learning to curate high-quality social media ad-campaigns. Like using computer vision techniques for analyzing fashion data or decreasing the ROAS and CAC by using data science analysis.

We are a full-service social media marketing agency but not in the traditional sense, we tend to give everything a technology and data makeover for the better to give you results, not just efforts.


Some questions about Social Media Marketing (FAQs)

Q. Whatiis the role of a social media marketing agency? 

Creating strong digital architecture that can brands be found as well as reach out to the right people for your product. There are many tools like automation and machine learning to simplify the brand’s communication and have an impact on the top-line of your business with the power of data and analytics.

Q. Does Webeasts have social media marketing jobs?

We like to work with a lean team, so we’re interested in hiring multi-talented people that can swiftly wear several hats and have a deep understanding of the various tools available for digital marketing, human psychology, an interest in technology, consuming and creating great content and original thinkers that are capable of working with the team, yet have their unique contributions as an individual. So, yeah, we do have “jobs”, and if you do join us, be ready to be a Beast!

Q. What do social media marketing companies do?

The modern approach to social media marketing goes beyond the simple copy+design methodology. It is important to be involved and understand how to fill the gaps in your communication so your marketing efforts that can have an impact. The best way to do that is to focus on brand and performance as separate entities and reaching out to the right audience by understanding their behaviour and interests to be able to make your product relevant to them. 

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