India Today is the cornerstone of political and cultural discussion in India. They are the first in the space to create an identity in the field of conclaves. The IT conclave is a place where bright and progressive minds come from all over the world to address and envision the way of the future.


As their digital marketing agency, our main focus was to redefine the identity of the brand as the competitors had starting using the word ‘Conclave’ as their property. The brand also looked to align themselves with the vision of their summit.

  • The first approach included personifying the brand so the audience could identify themselves with the various personalities attending the event.
  • Secondly, we created a 4C’s approach – CONNECT, CONVERSE, CAPTIVATE & CONCLAVE, similar to that of a diamond; where each speaker was set apart in our vision with a defining quality for their uniqueness.


india today conclave - billboard presentation
india today conclave - great minds catalouge
india today conclave _ invite _ kareena & karishma
india today conclave billboard - Hillary clinton
billboard india today conclave