The furniture rental business is filled with highly funded players in the market. Fabrento looked to leverage its unique advantage of end-to-end in house servicing to gain market share.

A startup backed by a passion of young entrepreneurs decided to take on the challenge of competing with already established companies by focusing on high quality of rentable products delivered at a very affordable price.

The product offering was the sweet spot, in all major cities of India, where there are millions of people that migrate and move with the intent of building their careers. The solution provided allowed the users to fulfil their aspirations of living independently while on a budget.

Backed with their own manufacturing units, Fabrento had the edge to customise the products as per the needs of the user, and deliver it on time using their many warehouses. This brand offered the user a great experience by offering them free shipping and relocation services that allows the user to have a long term relationship with the company, as your thing could travel with you.

Unlike many rental companies, Fabrento, is driven by innovation and analytics and introduced many new products to fulfil the needs to their customers.


The main goal for Fabrento was to enhance the mobile user experience and increase customer base while decreasing customer acquisition costs.

The challenge was to restructure an outdated user experience to one that would convey the modern approach of the brand and encourage the user to go ahead with the subscription in a smooth and seamless way.

  • Increase brand awareness and relevance through social media.
  • Improve user experience through gamification to increase session duration.
  • Reorganize customer acquisition model using data and Machine Learning to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost.




Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost


Organic Growth


Point Lift in Message Association

Renting furniture has never been more convenient. Table and chair with a pink background
UI/UX design made for Fabrento
UI / UX Design made for fabrento part 2
UI / UX Design made for fabrento part 3
Different creatives and website images shown for Fabrento
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