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Social | Branding & Social Media Services for Restaurant

Social Media Marketing Agency – Case Study 

Launching their newest outlet in town, the idea was to create a sense of nostalgia, a feeling where people want to revisit the good old school days. Webeasts crafted a series of on-ground activations, events, branding activities & social media marketing campaigns to establish the same. Our agency was responsible for overall launch conceptualization, creative designs, and the development of launch collateral. 

Social is a new movement, a space where online culture + offline conversation collides and mash-up. Above all, it’s a path-breaking urban hangout, a hub for the best in Art and Design, Innovation, Technology, and Food.

One-liner brief to the agency – Back to school

Webeasts is a leading social media marketing agency in Delhi, helping brands scale for the Indian market. With over a decade in the digital ecosystem, we take pride in building some of the finest brands in B2B as well as B2C categories.  If you have a project in mind, connect with us here