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Mercedes-Benz | Performance Marketing

Digital Agency – Case Study – Mercedes Benz (Silver Arrow, Delhi)


As the expression goes, Luxury in simplicity nowhere is this more true than Mercedes Automobiles. But herein lies the challenge. Breaking through the barriers of what the consumers think about luxury cars and emerging as the most efficient dealership in India. The aim was to portray Silver Arrows dealership of Mercedes as No. 1, the most consumer-friendly and aspirational outlet.

Strategy & Approach

Owning a Mercedes sets you a class apart, and that’s exactly what we wanted the potential buyers to experience. Following the concept of ‘moving forward’ (one of their existing themes),  we came up with strong messaging and visuals that would appeal to the relevant audience.

As it was a Delhi based client for a Delhi based digital agency, we deployed our engagement manager at the client site to measure and improvise the effectiveness of each of our marketing efforts. From emailer to newsletters, CRM automation, and performance marketing, our task as a full-service digital agency was to make sure that this Delhi based dealer should always remain No.1


The result combined sleek intuitive navigation with a refined style statement. The hoarding and other print collaterals celebrated ownership and happy, satisfied customers. This directly reflected in Silver Arrows surpassing all the competitors within a year. We booked a sale of 300 cars in a month.

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