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India Today Conclave 2019 | Brand Identity & Digital Services

Brand identity agency – Case Study


India Today Conclave is the cornerstone of political and cultural discussion in India. Throughout its existence, IT Conclave has brought together forward-looking minds from all over the world.

The challenge was to redefine the brand’s identity and bring about cohesion in its personality; to align the language with the vision of the summit.

Brand Identity – Agency’s Approach

For over a decade, the summit has successfully inspired young, budding minds with renowned speakers from across the globe. As a brand identity agency, our goal was to step ahead of the definition of a summit. The idea was to come across as a more universal concept that has a purpose beyond discussions. Our approach was that of a storytelling journey that helps the audience identify themselves with the various personalities attending the event.

Running along the lines of the congregation, which was to CONNECT, CONVERSE, CAPTIVATE & CONCLAVE, we settled with a metaphor, that of a diamond. Every piece distinct and unique in itself, representing the same attributes as COLOUR, CUT, CARAT, & CLARITY, extends the denotation to quality.

Each speaker was set apart in our vision with a defining quality for their uniqueness, similar to a diamond, the epitome of individuality.


Adapting the original bold logo and its color, we created a series of creative representations of the luminaries in attendance. The representations were in the form of the brand’s identity, social media creatives, motion graphics, and various offline renditions.

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