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Best Digital Marketing agency case study (Delhi Chapter)

The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every second, we are all experiencing the aftermath. Therefore, reducing the carbon footprint was the only goal the brand was aiming at.

Ecogenie is an initiative to motivate people to recycle daily waste. The motive was to implement along the lines of the idea- requiting the efforts. Hence, we started from scratch and built the identity of the initiative by using a mascot, a genie that would reward people’s attempts. When the waste management company approached us, they had one clear idea – if we can make the younger audiences participate, they will become our responsible generation in the future. So, we took the comical character route that resonates with the target audience.

And Voila, Ecogenie became one of the best digital marketing case studies for our agency based out of Delhi. We could closely work with the client and shape this brand into a fully sustainable solution for the coming generation

One-liner brief: an initiative to reduce carbon footprint.

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