It’s a fact that nearly everyone has access to email and its a digital marketing reality that it’s probably one of the easiest ways to connect with the most relevant audience with messages that matter. 

While people tend to overlook this component we look at it as a strategic opportunity. There are many types of transactional and promotional emails and for us each of these types instead of sending out boring emails we look at it as a personalized interaction opportunity, every mail from the brand to the customer is an opportunity to connect with the targeted audience and relate to them.

From drip marketing to bulk emails to creating strategies our digital experts know it all. But that’s not all, our data scientists have a big role to play here too. They use big data and machine learning in the form of predictive marketing that helps us measure analytics, manage consumer engagement, increase email deliverability, and thus efficiently drive sales.

We are passionate about everything digital and email campaign marketing for our digital marketing company is no different.


Some questions about Email marketing (FAQs)

Q. Is email marketing effective? 

When used the right way, email marketing can be a very important tool in the digital marketers arsenal. It creates a personal touch and can be automatically customized to the tastes and preferences of the user, or even serve as a reminder for abandoned carts for potential customers. It is effective, but also has the potential of backfiring if done excessively, in which case again, it can annoy the user and be counter-productive for the brand. 

Q. How are email marketing tools used? 

There are endless possibilities of what one can do with an email. The question that we must ask is – what is the purpose of doing so? Is it a welcome email after a user has signed up? Do i want to communicate an offer? Do I want to conduct a survey? Am I sending a reminder email to my user that I am thinking of them as a brand and incentivise them to explore my website? Is it a newsletter with outward communication? – Wrong. We’re marketing managers. The purpose of doing this is to gather data. Your email marketing efforts can help you gather data regarding the relevant audience that is actually showing interest in your brand and use that data to reach out to similar audiences that can have a direct impact on your conversation rates.

Q. What are the top email marketing tips that you can share? 

Top three tips that we advise for email marketing are:
1. Automation for remarketing: Our recommended tools are a time-tested method of automating the outward communication to your audience for remarketing, that directly affects your conversation rate and revenue. 
2. Personalization: Gone are the days of boring mass-mailers. We’re in the era of hyper-personalized content that can not just use AI, Machine learning and NLP to localize and personalize the data as per your users interests, but also present them with the benefits of the products that they are more likely to prefer based on their history. 
3. Drip Marketing: This is a set of automated pre-composed messages that serve as a reminder to your audience for engaging with your brand and products that they may have forgotten. This can be used for re-igniting the interest and reminding the user to complete the transaction in case of abandoned carts.