Adverts & PPC Strategy

  • Ad Strategy

Your brand has a story and we, as a social media agency, bridge the gap of narrating the story to the right set of target audience through our in-built Ad Strategies and Ad Programs. We make this possible with the right set of data and appropriate technologies like AI. Hang in there and you will have the apt ROAS in your pockets while we are churning more ideas to set the sail!

  • Ad Implementation

Once we strategize and plan the advertisements, all that is left is the implementation. Here, we will have in place the channels and the target audience which will determine the reach of the Ads. Above all, we, as a digital marketing agency, monitor and supervise the whole process through our data enthusiasts and marketing experimentalists until it comes out to be a success story. 

  • Ad Analysis

The strategy is in place, the channels of implementing the Ads are in place too. What’s left now is the analytical part where our team will get into the graph of when, where and how of the data derived. Here, you will come to know how well each Ad Strategy has performed on different channels. 

  • User Experience Analysis

Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we create a user’s experience through our Ad analysis and Ad Strategies. While we narrate your brand’s story to the world, all you need to do is experience with us the way we pave the way for your brand. Therefrom, we analyze the data gathered from the user’s end and sit about it for bettering it each day. This not only ensures a better experience but also highlights the bond between the user (client) and our experts. 

  • A/B Testing Analysis

It requires the right analytical skills and a tech-savvy mind to operate what works better for your brand. A/B Testing is an experience wherein two or more variants of a page are created for the users to see at random. Then, with the user’s data analysis in the form of statistics, we chalk out which one’s the better variation to get the maximum amount of conversions.

  • Ecommerce/ Google 360 Suite Analysis

We, as a digital marketing agency, know the different facets of how to work on integrated data and the marketing analysis for your brand. Story narration is subjective whereas using the correct set of tools is the objective end of it. And, brand building requires both for creating a unique brand identity by the marketers who operate at the enterprise level. Using the Google 360 Suite Analysis would help us find out the consumer behaviour, develop relevant insights and then provide a more engaging brand experience.

  • Programmatic Advertising Analysis

Advertising has different phases and we deem programmatic advertising analysis as of them. As you all know, ads are not something appearing as TV Commercials or radio ads. Nowadays, ads follow you throughout your day. From WhatsApp to Music apps to social media apps and all the websites you open in a browser during the day. So, programmatic advertising analysis gives us a system to automate the processes and transactions which are involved with purchasing and placing the ads on the appropriate websites.

  • Goal Setting & Benchmarking – GA

We believe that a brand is nothing without a website. So, we develop a website for your brand. And, that isn’t it as we need to know who are the visitors, when do they visit, what is their attention span and what do they see on the website. All of this is determined by a tool offered by Google called ‘Google Analytics’. With the help of this, we can record the users visiting the website and their attributes (gender, age, and interests) and there you go! You just need to set the goal and the number of visitors, that’s it. Leave it to us after that.