Rebranding a wholesome recovery | Social Media Marketing

Strategy Approach | Social Media Marketing

The Challenge:

ProHealth Asia Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre excels in the field of treating aches and pains. Moreover, provides personalised care & therapy as a part of the recovery plan. Their expert team of physiotherapists extends a warm welcome with a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Webeasts took up the task of a complete rebranding overhaul. We didn’t look at the health or physiotherapy category for inspiration. Instead, we focused on fitness. Our main challenge was to educate the audience and establish the brand. Also, the fact that physiotherapy is not a curative but a preventive facility.

Strategy & Approach:

The brand continued to advertise its never-ending list of services. Side by side, we thought it was extremely important to give our consumers a first-hand experience. An experience of the facility that boasts of international standards. Prohealth Asia clearly reflected these standards through their product pricing. Given which was slightly more highly-priced than their peers in the market.

In order to get people to visit and experience the process for themselves, Prohealth Asia gave every new patient a free initial body assessment. Moreover, a subsequent free session with one of their physiotherapists. Our content directly spoke about a problem that most of us face on a daily basis but conveniently choose to ignore.

We circulated E-vouchers via a mix of digital and offline touch-points – Mailers, Facebook, Instagram. Besides that, we used offline platforms such as on-ground events, physiotherapy camps at major gyms in the city, marathon events, etc. Not only did this increase direct footfalls at the center, but also substantially increased referral traffic.


While most brands consider social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to be a strong medium to put out their branding and positioning, the lead generation still remains to be explored. With a carefully thought out mix of Facebook ad formats – lead form, traffic, and conversion ads, targeting prospects on SM became our primary objective.

After a struggle of around 2 months, performing A/B split testing, trial and error with or audience mix, finally the lead form format worked wonders. Getting a conversion rate of up to 10 %, the strategy was working!

The team at Webeasts believe a transformation of the visual identity was absolutely needful for a successful rebrand strategy. While we went ahead with the blue and green, we identified a host of new colors to fit the category.


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