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The Challenge

When Verassa came to us, we faced the challenge of building this brand up from scratch. We had to find a way to make our history look appealing to the present generation. Verassa’s greatest challenge was to captivate the hearts and minds of their audience.

Strategy & Approach:

Our work with Verassa has been extremely rewarding because of our ability to come up with creative solutions while maintaining a professional tone. We first identified the brand’s needs and then created suitable website designs. We also handled the creative direction for Verassa and provided them with a content management system that helped them promote their products internationally.


 We had a vision for the Verssa, and we believe that our design goals helped us achieve it.  We helped them create a brand that stands out. We also generated substantial revenue for the company.


A good website design should focus on the user experience. Ask yourself, how does it make you feel about the brand, if their website is slow and full of glitches? By hiring a professional marketing agency like Webeasts, you can provide your users the ultimate experience.
Good content management means having a uniform content tonality and message. By communicating the right content, you can set a positive image for your brand in the mind of the customer.
Brand management and Social Media Marketing for a fashion and lifestyle brand
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