Digital marketing campaigns for a retail brand

Webeasts helped Market99 transform from a mere retailer to a company with an outstanding digital presence. This helped the company reach a wider audience that was interested and aware of the product.

The Challenge

Retail brand Market99 came to us with a very interesting web design challenge: Although the brand had a presence in the market and had a lasting impact on its audience, it had no digital presence.

A simple e-commerce website wasn’t the answer for this brand, as we would have to abandon the whole idea of experiencing luxury at affordable rates.

Strategy & Approach:

Detailed research led us to the realisation that a retail store that functions on the idea of the number “99” needed a portal to showcase the variety of products alongside its attractive pricing.

People love getting more things at a lesser price, and aspirational consumers are well versed with online shopping. Hence, using an online platform as a catalog would enable consumers to browse through all possible options.

To reach a wider audience we needed to target the sources that the audience went to for information. In today’s digital age, figuring out that social media was the perfect platform for the same, was a no-brainer.


We aimed at the final experience for the end-users with a customer-centric approach. The result was both, an increased digital presence and conversion of social media users into customers.

The outcome was that Market99 saw a 100% growth rate in its market presence and has now grown from 12 to 24 stores all over India

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A strong digital presence ensures that your customers find you easily. In a world in which, customers look for brands online before going to a store, we will ensure that your brand has the best digital presence.
All big brands have a strong digital presence which ensures that their brand can be recognised everywhere. We can help your brand grow to the next level!We help your brand be accessible to your company by regularly improving your social media presence. Strong presence and regular posting make your brand accessible and relatable to the customers.A strong digital presence ensures that your customers have maximum engagement. This ensures more sales and more curiosity.
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