Brainstorming ideas and creating a good looking logo is not a brand strategy. Your next 5 years on which space you want to occupy in the market and your audience’s hearts need to be decided at the start. It’s easy to get trapped in short term tactics and activities to ensure your business’s survival but a brand strategy is a long-term plan. There is no tried and tested way, but a well thought out strategic plan which is implemented and followed through is bound to bring results. There is a difference in building a brand and surviving in the market is huge.

Our digital marketing agency specializes in brand overhaul, and brand strategy. Every successful brand program is founded on a solid brand positioning strategy. We support our partners with marketing and brand architecture while using analytics and big data every day. Helping brands redefine their brand messaging as well as their visual brand identities and then making sure that it is consistently disseminated across every digital platform is just a part of what we do. We mix data and digital together and create strategies that ensure you get the results you want.


Some questions about Brand Identity (FAQs)

Q. What is brand identity design?

Brand identity design the composition of all the visible elements of your brand. This may include selecting the right name, creating a tagline, your logo, colours, your brand identity guidelines, usage of fonts, animations, visiting card, letterheads and countless more possibilities. 

Q. What are brand identity elements?

Every brand has a unique story, which must be encompassed in the identity design. These can include the logo, logotype, typeface, colours, packaging, photography, messaging etc. That defines and reinforces the existing ethos of the brand.

Q. How to create a brand identity?

Leave it to the experts. We often find brands with logos and assets that have been designed by run off the mill service providers that are not really designers. These lead to complications such as unbalanced logos, the thoughtless combination of typefaces, low quality or unavailability of high-resolution brand assets of the lack thereof entirely. Going through an agency to create a well-defined brand identity process ensures that your unique brand identity is as strong as the brand promise that you deliver to your customers. It may be a one-time investment, but it is one that can critically define the success of your brand.