Bigger companies are financially strong. They can hire many resources to market and promote their brand. And, what other than the internet can do this? Social media is a gift of the internet for all the small and medium businesses. It grants all the companies an equal playing field to play organically and reach new customers. 

With big budgets and many resources, big companies make a digital space for themselves. But small & medium companies too can compete with the big guns through their reach from different social media channels

A study by Ripl says that Facebook and Instagram are widely used digital channels to get along with your customers, being an SMB. To be precise, the percentages go 98% for Facebook and 82% for Instagram. 

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram highly encourage feedback in the form of comments, direct messages, ratings & reviews. 

However, there are many SMBs who are virtually inaccessible. They are missing out on the opportunity to grow their business and establish a stronger base with their customer base.

So, we as a digital marketing agency, have come up with tips & tricks to use social media for small businesses.

Decide your suitable networks

Each business has its own digital space and almost every business owner has a Facebook page. The platform has around 2.45 billion monthly active users. Brands are now hopping onto Instagram because of its visual appeal to younger audiences. But don’t take your brand on a tour of every social media channel. More the quantity lesser the quality. Do your research and deliver the best creatives and content on the platform where your audience is and delivers value to your product. 

Humanize your social media presence

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are the faces of your brand where you can put your best foot forward. Your customers should believe that they are speaking with a real person. All you need to take care of is an authentic content, presence, and practices. 

Awareness is necessary

Brand strategies are developed to build brand awareness. The more aware you are, the better it is. Social media and a digital presence of your small or medium business increases your reach instantly. Once you know your brand and your customer or your right channel; you will know exactly where to target. This way you can promote your product or service much faster and cheaper than any traditional media.

Prioritize customer reviews

These days the consumers are the kings of the market. They are very smart before they buy a product or service from the seller/ brand/ company. They mostly rely on customer reviews which have taken the place of personal recommendations. Studies suggest that 84% of consumers consider online customer recommendations the same as the word of mouth from different friends or relatives. Reviews and testimonials are the best part of a content strategy that can help fetch traffic, leads and potential sales if promoted aptly. 

Go live!

Normal videos aren’t as impactful as live videos. People watch live videos 3 times more than the videos in demand. The engagement rate of normal videos is 2.2% and for live videos 4.3%. This is because it’s the brand’s real self-offering a true taste of your business culture on social media. It helps in adding authenticity to your brand and develops the element of trust. 

Social media is crucial to your digital strategy. Just aim for the right marketing plan and make it interesting to engage more and more people. This would help in returning positive efforts later in the future.

Decide the goals of your brand, look for them and be consistent. Gradually, you will find out what works and what doesn’t. 

Stay sociable and passionate about your brand and its establishment in the digital world. 

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