Getting yourself on the Business Manager and creating digital marketing ads seems like the toughest task in Social Media marketing. You have to worry about the budget, target audience, objectives and the formats to use.

The biggest problem is when the creation of the Facebook Ads come up. It is easy to select an Ad copy and put a stock photo but what comes out is the main deal. The digital advertisements have to be attractive and engaging for people to like or pursue it. 

As a digital marketing agency, we know that Ads for social media marketing are quite tricky to crack. For convenience, we have compiled some brands that have worked the best Facebook Ads; which were result-oriented and have had the maximum engagement. Take inspirations and create something out of the box: 

AirbnbVideo Ad
First still of a digital advertisement on Facebook by Airbnb- it is an image with text saying "want to make extra money"
Second still of a digital advertisement on Facebook by Airbnb- a man browsing the internet on his laptop with text saying "See how much your place could earn on Airbnb"
Third still of a digital advertisement on Facebook by Airbnb- it is an image with the Airbnb logo with a calculate button

They created a three-slide video with the first one saying, “Want to make extra money.” The second one said, “See how much your place could earn on Airbnb”. And, the final slide gave a button for the calculation to find out your exact rent amount. 

The Ad is super minimalistic, engaging and asks people to make money by renting out their extra space. The very first question that comes to mind is “Who doesn’t want to make money?”

The reasons why this video became successful were: 

  • Cut your long story short–  6 seconds makes the best of video ads rather than any long video ones. We thrive in an era where people’s max attention span is about 8 seconds. So, we cannot force someone to watch something for more than 6-7 seconds.
  • Keep the message clear– Some Ads make you think a lot. Airbnb has already done its homework and come up with something that even the most distracted of people can get. It’s about renting your place and making money.
  • Create curiosity through video copy– The copy of the video makes the user inquisitive about calculating the amount that their empty space could make. So, why would anybody care? They do as this Ad is just for them.
  • Diligently set the target audience– The caption says, “Earn up to $2,927 a month hosting in Miami.” It implies that the video is targeted just to the audience of Miami and to attract them to check to see if they could be earning a similar amount of money.
  • Learning– Keep the video Ads short with a clear copy and a precise message that is engaging. Target it to the audience who is interested and would be interested in specifying their locale’s aspects and features.
Whole Foods – Carousel Ad
First still of a carousel by Whole Foods- a pumpkin dish with a text saying pumpkin early
Second still of a carousel by Whole Foods- a pumpkin dish with a text saying pumpkin often
Third still of a carousel by Whole Foods- an image of the whole foods logo

They connected their carousel Ad to show that they sell pumpkin and they taste good. Let’s see what special have they in their Ad –

  • Adopted a creative carousel format– They have connected their pictures well. Creating the posts of pumpkin dishes and attaching them together to show that their pumpkins can taste good while it is adapted in any of the dishes. The copy is precise which couples up really well for the user to interact with the Ad as it slides. 
  • Using pictures in place of text– They have used such brilliant and mouth-watering pictures of pumpkin dishes. The text is almost next to none. They didn’t have to tell that they sell fresh pumpkins with great taste. 
  • Learning– Get creative with the layout of the Ad so that the user interacts with the Ad and clicks on the next slide till the website. Use the best quality images and keep the copy minimal.
American ExpressFacebook Instant Experience
A still from american express advertisement using Facebook instant experience

This digital marketing is a small journey of how it solves a problem for people who use a credit card or the people who don’t; can start using it through their brand. They focus on some important things, which are: 

  • Defines a user’s journey– The Facebook Instant Experiences are a great digital medium to use for storytelling. American Express got their viewers back and took them on a trip on how these credit cards enable a similar journey in the real world. 
  • Revives the boring industry– It’s not easy for a financial sector brand to stimulate people for following an Ad. But American Express has outlived the creative with good copy and a professional video as well. 
  • Positions the brand appropriately– They understand that they need to portray their brand as trustworthy and professional. So, the Ad presentation lives up to the expectations for the audience as a credit card company. 
  • Learning– Visuals and the copy of the Ad needs to match so that you are able to portray the brand as it is positioned in the market. Also, build up a CTA with a clever copy at the end of the video/ slide. Even if you work for an industry that’s a little less quirky, try and take out those experiences or lifestyles your products can enable over the products themselves. Plan a storyboard then for your canvas Ad/ Facebook Instant Experience. 

The main purpose of paid digital marketing for social media marketing is to drive the audience and create a digital presence in the era of digital marketing. Of course, there are a few factors that all Facebook ads have in common. They have high-quality visuals and an engaging and precise copy.

Digital marketers still need to take care of the targeting audience, set the right goals and plan the storyboard of the brand as per their market positioning.

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