A Turnkey Marketing Agency.

Webeasts partners for turnkey marketing services stemming from a decade of experience in brand strategy and design. We know first-hand what our clients want to see, and how it should be presented. We also know what the consumer wants to see, hence, integrating the consumers’ need along with our clients’ is what we keep as a primary focus.

At Webeasts, with expertise in marketing and design – we provide everything a client really needs in order to connect with the relevant audience. This includes:

Turnkey digital marketing agency| Design | Branding | Online Marketing

Our carefully thought of repertoire of services provides specialized and ROI-focused marketing solutions, keeping in mind our clients’ preference to keep overheads low. Pick and choose the services you need, and enjoy the convenience of getting those as and when you require them. This is further facilitated with our customised payment structure.

Payment Structure

At Webeasts, we deliver every specialized service in one place. If you need a brochure, we will write it, design it, take your photos, get it printed, and deliver it to your office. Without burdening you with much distraction, we ask for your involvement only when we develop the brand’s core messaging.

Hence, at Webeasts, we follow a very simple and cost-effective model where “you pay for what you want”, ensuring your marketing investments are generating highest returns.

Weekly Billing System

Weekly Cost – 40,000/Week

Minimum Weeks to buy – 6 Weeks

Client’s flexibility: Client can pause or resume any activity as per his/her convenience.

Refund Policy: We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. However, for some reason you wish to go in for early services withdrawal, we will refund the unutilized weeks’ credit back to you.

Cost on Actuals: Whether it’s printing of your business cards or buying Media for Facebook, we send the cost for approval first and upon your confirmation, we take care of the rest.

Reduced Costs over Time

After our initial work, you may need additional marketing materials down the line. As we learn more about your company, your costs will naturally drop over time due to the reduced time it takes to perform the work.


Why Turnkey Approach is what clients should take?

A turnkey approach to marketing allows you to own the entire marketing process without paying for the added cost of an in-house marketing team, Typical outsourcing would have photography from one vendor, graphic design from another, web design from a third, etc. why coordinate with multiple vendors when we provide you with the convenience to find all in one?

Through Webeasts turnkey approach, we provide a complete spectrum of marketing resources in one space. All you need to do is set your objective, help us understand you better and we will deliver your materials from start to finish. Our primary goal is for you to feel that we are an extension of your business, truly understanding the following

What you sell

Whom you sell it to

Why you sell

What purpose do you serve in your consumer’s life